We observed our first tail wrap from our pair of adult Epicrates Assisi, commonly known as Caatinga Rainbow Boas. We are very excited to see they have taken a liking to each other and our fingers are crossed for spring babies! 



12/03/2016 12:42pm

Good post

12/03/2016 12:48pm

There are many creatures whom just appeared in the spring season. However, they might be dangerous for you or they might not but the spring season brings many colors to us.

07/24/2017 12:56am

I had no idea that the tail wrap of boa constrictor with another boa constrictor is an indication that they like each other! To be honest, I am petrified of snakes. It does not matter what type of snake it is because I am afraid of all of them. I guess one of the biggest factors of why I am scared of snakes is the fact that they can kill with their venom. It's such a scary thing for me to imagine because in just one bite of a snake, you can actually die. And the fact that you can barely see them in the grass just make things scarier than they already are. But it's good to learn things like this about animals that we are afraid of because we get to understand the way that they live.


I guess this snake is pretty rare. Why do you like reptiles so much?

07/14/2017 9:00pm

Cool stuff! Observing this reptiles is not an easy work though! Nice job and thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

09/13/2017 4:14am

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