The clutch mate to our first hatchling has joined us! This one  hatched the evening of October 2nd. This baby boy is very dark compared to his brother and appears to be doing well at about a month old now :) 



05/26/2016 6:39am

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04/19/2017 5:13am

This is a very rare gecko. It also has a nice color that looks like camouflage. I am also a lover of exotic pet. We also own a sugar glider in our house. We have 5 of it and it's hard to give them food since they only eat fruits. It is rather expensive to provide them fruits everyday. But, everything looks to be worth it if you see them happy.

11/19/2016 3:18am

Why do you like reptiles so much! This gecko is very cute. It's a good photo.

04/13/2017 1:05am

he is so small! Very little and nice creature :))

07/24/2017 11:56am

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