After introducing Flash and Bertha the Brazilian Rainbow Boas on January 4th 2014, I observed occasional courting behaviors and unusual activity patterns, I have finally seen a tail wrap as of 1am this morning Feb 7th. It's the first of many steps to producing baby Brazilians, but it's pretty amazing none the less! (pictured is some of the courting behavior I observed, unfortunately I haven't been able to get a picture of a tail wrap) 

We currently have the following healthy eggs incubating: 
12- Crested Gecko eggs incubating at 72 degrees ranging from 70 days old to 2 days old.
2- Uroplatus Phantasticus (Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko) (Pictured) Found Jan 23rd 2014 incubating at 71- 72 degrees (one eggs appears stained, but is holding up well after 2 weeks)