We received this boy (and a few others) from a local breeder in 2013 and he has developed wonderfully! He has produced many pinstriped babies and has been a great breeder for us this year! Hate to give him up but we have several holdbacks from his line now. Over 35 grams at the moment.

Take him for $400 SHIPPED



11/03/2016 1:23am

Why do you like reptiles? I like them too but I want to know your point of view.

03/01/2017 4:44am

This gecko is really interesting. I have never seen anything like this before. I have only seen some of them, that's why I am not really familiar with this one. Thank you for sharing this most especially the picture. I am looking forward for more gecko pictures for you.


This boy is beautiful! But very expensive for me!

05/11/2017 11:16pm

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05/15/2017 12:19am

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05/23/2017 11:19pm

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08/16/2017 8:56am

I have seen for the first time that someone is having lizard as their pet which is totally an incredible thing. I am pretty sure they have been trained to be your pets.


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