Leviathan-TT stripe x Brick- High Red
All babies 100% Het-TT Stripe and able to produce some gorgeous striped Rainbow Boas in the future! Produced by Stardust Scales, May 26th 2015.
All babies have eaten twice and shed and are ready for their new homes!
Males $350      SOLD OUT
Females $550  (2 left)
1.1 Pairs $800      SOLD OUT



07/09/2015 8:30pm

Hi I'm interested in a baby but first before asking for photos I must ask will u ship to Alaska as I notised ur flat rate quote was only for the continuous U.S.

08/01/2015 12:56pm

Shipping is usually a little more complicated and expensive but we should be able to work something out! What is your zip?

06/09/2017 2:29am

Snakes are one of the animals I'm afraid into. I think I would never ever learn how to love snake, even if it become a tame animal. Kidding aside, I know it will never happen. I don't know how some people are brave enough to touch the skin of the snake. Aren't they afraid that they may be bitten by it? To be honest, I feel disgusted by just looking at the picture of the snake. Goosebumps!

05/08/2017 7:00pm

Snake genuinely freaks me out every single time. Just by looking at this picture, makes me want to crash my monitor into pieces. Just kidding, but seriously, I don't think I could ever overcome this fear anymore. Like, I tried touching a non-poisonous snake before, but the moment I saw the snake, I literally passed out. I just hope that I could finally conquer this phobia. So, I was thinking of taking care of a snake and make it as my pet. I know that it's actually an absurd idea, but I think it's the only way for me to love them.

12/21/2016 4:36am

Some peoples are very interested in snake but the snake has poison in his mouth and it's used in medicine for cancer patient. We should be careful and some peoples are like this. And they are keep in home just for hobby


Mostly peoples are like the rainbow snack but i don't like. Because i am afraid like this animals. Snack has many color and this post is best which like the snack.

05/18/2017 1:36am

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05/22/2017 3:16am

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