Our first female of the season hatched on the night of Halloween! This little red girl is looking great and we couldn't be more pleased wither colors! Hatched just about 5 days ago and already looking stunning! 



01/09/2017 10:57am

This baby lizard is simply the cutest. I think babies are the best idea the Gods have invented. I mean, we can all just come out as adults but they choose to make everything start as babies. Why do they have to make them so cute? Maybe it is for us to experience what it is like to be loved so we can easily give it to others. I am not sure how reptiles will do it though.

03/03/2017 8:28am

Why this gecko is called that way? It's interesting to know that.

03/05/2017 3:12pm

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06/04/2017 8:24pm

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06/04/2017 8:51pm

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07/01/2017 4:00am

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09/07/2017 3:50am

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